Deadly accidents continue in South Africa, have all strategies failed?

Deadly accidents continue in South Africa, have all strategies failed?

There is no end in sight for deadly accidents in South Africa, and all strategies put in place over the years to stop the road carnage seemed to have miserably failed.

The latest deadly crash in which seven people died and nine were seriously injured on Sunday night when the car they were travelling in overturned in a highway near the capital Pretoria is a living proof that road carnage is nevertheless here to stay.

The transport ministry has once again called on every road user to take personal responsibility in road safety and ensure that South Africa’s roads were not turned into killing fields.

“One death on our roads is one too many. We call on all South Africans to come together and join hands to stop this carnage on our roads. Through sustainable partnerships between government and the entire citizenry, we can win this war against the road carnage,” South African transport minister Ben Dikobe Martins said.

South Africa has some of the best road infrastructure on the continent – clearly marked and equipped with traffic lights – but human error (alcohol, excessive speed and non-respect for traffic laws) seems to drive its motorists over the edge to commit ‘murder’.

Martins has recently announced that his ministry was spearheading the construction of pedestrian bridges, sidewalks and speed calming measures in rural areas and townships in part of road safety strategy.

Photo: Facebook, courtesy of Traffic Accident Reconstruction Services Pty Ltd

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