Dakar hosts Francophonie Summit in November

Dakar hosts Francophonie Summit in November

The Senegalese capital Dakar will host the 15th Francophonie Summit on 29-30 November 2014 at the Dakar International Conference Centre, reports from Paris and Dakar said this week.

Francophonie is the organisation of French-speaking countries, and this year’s theme is ‘Women and girls in Francophonie: actors of peace and development’.

A total of 77 heads of state and their delegations, as well as representatives of international organisations, NGOs, businesses, and social and cultural groups will sit down for two days to debate various issues affecting the organisation.

But some analysts continue to vehemently criticise the Francophonie, describing it as a ‘dead and empty’ organisation and its summits as ‘wasteful’ talk shops that has been failing for the past 50 years to help end poverty, armed conflicts, bad governance and dictatorships, especially in Africa.

Some say that France, the colonial power, has always been a big winner in the Francophonie, while African countries continue to play second fiddle and lack a say and a decision making power.

Many Africans see France as a neo-colonialist for continue to influence and dictate political change in the continent, while the future always look bleak for millions of ordinary people.

But Senegal President Macky Sall, already under fire from the Senegalese people for the rising cost of life, said the Dakar summit will look at the future and the mobilisation of the Senegalese society in the aim of overcoming the country’s cultural and economic challenges.

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