Best of contemporary dance to rock Johannesburg in November

Best of contemporary dance to rock Johannesburg in November

Johannesburg will experience an explosion of contemporary dance on 20-23 November 2013 at the Dance Factory in Newtown.

The 35th Annual Dance Season, which includes a dance graduation course on November 20, will be animated by none other than the pulsating Moving into Dance Mophatong (MIDM), a brainchild initiative of dance legend Sylvia ‘Magogo’ Glasser.

Over the past three decades, Glasser has helped train hundreds of young dancers, and each year MIDM puts on amazing productions, uplifting communities and moulding some of South Africa’s finest talent.

The festival’s main programme, however, will kick off on 21 November in the evening and feature shows such as:

•    Treasure to a Being: choreographed by Sonia Radebe and featuring Muzi Shili, Thandi Tshabalala, Sunnyboy Motau, Julia Burnham, Teboho Letele and Oscar Buthelezi.

•    Man-longing:  an exploration into the dark and sinister world of human trafficking. It is choreographed by Sunnyboy Mandla Motau, and produced and developed by Ntsieng Mogoro. It will be performed by Teboho Gilbert Letele, Oscar Nhlanhla Buthelezi, Sonia Thandazile Radebe, Thandiwe Winnie Tshabalala, Muzi Shili and Julia Zenzie Burnham.

•    And many more

The 35th Annual Dance Season is themed “Winds Of…”, and  celebrates the inevitability of change.

Glasser said: “This season of celebration brings to light the bitter-sweet nature of change, sweet because we proceed into a new era in the history of Moving into Dance Mophatong, and in the same breath bitter as the reality dawns of the retirement of our founder Sylvia,” MIDM chief executive and director of education Nadia Virasamy.

Tickets at the door.

Photo: MIDM dancers in action. Credit: John Hogg

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