‘Concerned South Africans’ slam UN over Syria ongoing conflict, anarchy

‘Concerned South Africans’ slam UN over Syria ongoing conflict, anarchy

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (Press Release). A group calling itself ‘Concerned South Africans’ has slammed the United Nations over the on-going deadly conflict in Syria, saying the world body has failed millions of Syrians as the country descends into total chaos and violence that continues to claim many lives and injuring many more every day, damaging the infrastructure.

“It is now general knowledge that thousands of fundamentalists, supported by armed foreign groups, are fighting against the government forces. The terrorist attacks have increased sharply. Recently the leader of the al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) announced that al-Nusra was an extension of the AQI and called on the Syrian people to implement Sharia law,” the group said in a statement issued last night.

“These disastrous developments in Syria have forced the United Nations Security Council to place the matter on the table for discussion. Tragically, however, the draft resolution of the “Friends of Syria” is heavily biased in favour of the opposition with very scant regard for the government.”

The resolution offers no solutions to reach a negotiated settlement in that country, the group said. “From the very start of the conflict in Syria, the position taken by the UN has not assisted in averting the loss of innocent lives and the situation, quite clearly, has catastrophic consequences for regional and international peace and security.

“The “Friends of Syria” are not innocent in the unfolding destruction of Syria. If the regime change policies in Syria succeed, the world will be confronted with a new geostrategic base for extremist forces that will destabilise, not only the Middle East region, but North Africa as well. This will undoubtedly have serious consequences for the entire African continent.”

The group, which comprises 40 members and includes the likes of Zanele Mbeki, Aziz Pahad, Dumisani Khumalo, Essop Pahad, and Snuki Zikalala, continues: “As we predicted two years ago, the regime change in Libya has now destabilised the entire Sahel region. In addition, the unfolding events in Mali should serve as a warning about the dangers facing the African continent. Some major western powers and their allies consistently and deliberately ignore the disastrous and dangerous regime change policies in Libya, Cote d’Ivoire, Syria and elsewhere.

“It is for this reason that we, a group of ‘Concerned South Africans’ felt compelled to write an Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in which it expresses its deep concern about the failure of the Security Council to act decisively to carry out its mandate to stop the carnage in Syria.”

*Photo:  Syria destruction. Pic by Reuters.

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