Community Tablet brings rays of IT light to Mozambique’s rural communities

In a continent where the majority of rural populations appears to lack access to formal internet access and suffers from low computer penetration, bringing ‘Community Tablet’ on board seems to have brought some rays of IT light to Mozambican poor folks.

The ‘Community Tablet’, well known by its Portuguese name Tablet Comunitário, was developed by tech start-up company Kamaleon, as an innovative and engaging way of promoting digital literacy through a shared platform.

The ‘Made in Africa’ tablet is a solar powered mobile computer with touch screen displays and virtual keyboards built in on a trailer to provide internet access to remote areas.

It seems to have spurred social development and enhanced the country’s almost non-existent education sector by, among others, supporting campaigns on various health and education initiatives in partnership with governmental and private organisations.

Spreading up-to-date messages and interactive lessons that showcase symptoms, prevention and treatment options – replacing the need for leaflet distributions to convey life saving information.

Launched in November 2016 in Mozambique, the Community Tablet ultimately seems to be promoting digital inclusion and a knowledge based society in Africa.

Kamaleon said it was on a mission to close the digital divide and empower more people in Africa to engage in the digital economy and its educational benefits.

The IT project has been seen as a tremendous step in the right direction in the low-income Southern African nation, ravaged by decades of armed conflict and state corruption.

Kamaleon just did not bring the tablet to the rural people, it is also said to be offering training on how to use the internet and its features to members of the community and the local workforce.

Technology and digital literacy can contribute to greater effectiveness of civic education campaigns in various communities, the company said.

(with the assistance of APO, final editing by Issa Sikiti)


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