Cloud computing can empower South African entrepreneurs – expert

Cloud computing can empower South African entrepreneurs – expert

South African business owners and entrepreneurs should utilise cloud computing to their advantage because it makes it more affordable for start-up businesses or small, medium and enterprises (SMEs) to establish a small office or to work from home.

Athol Wesselink, Open Web chief engineer, said this week that users could benefit from several technologies, cut costs and focus on their core business instead of being impeded by IT obstacles.

Wesselink said the use of a cloud computing is beneficial to start-ups and SMEs because the system mitigated the need to purchase expensive servers on site.

“Cloud computing utilises large groups of remote server farms which are networked to allow for the sharing of data-processing tasks, centralised data storage, as well as the provision of online access to computer services,” he explained.

By hosting a cloud server with an ISP, SMEs can dramatically reduce the expense of expensive capital hardware items and the associated software, he added.

“On top of the expense and risk of hosting your server on site, it is often a data compliance audit requirement to back data up with a third party such as an information and records management partner.
“Alternatively, using cloud computing services, the ISP can host a secure cloud server for the business at as little as R360 (about US$35) per month and the responsibility of maintaining these servers fall on the ISP itself.”

Established in 2004, OpenWeb is a South African internet service provider that provides homes and businesses with fast, reliable and affordable uncapped ADSL.


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