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Zim Emmerson

More of the same in Zimbabwe as the “Crocodile” takes over

Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been at Robert Mugabe’s side for 50 years, and he was considered to be Mugabe’s fixer, Derek Matyszak, an analyst with the South Africa-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS), told Deutsche Welle (DW) in an interview last week. Ordinary Zimbabweans and the international community believe that Mugabe, alongside Mnangagwa […]

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rand 2

The art and style of managing money

Will you be left with cash once all the year-end festivities have died down or will you look back with a tinge of regret? Well, it all depends on your relationship with money because people relate differently to money. “How you come out on the other side of the year depends largely on your spending […]

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Orange updated

Orange’s new facilities in South Africa to improve internet, mobile services in Africa

The launch recently by Orange of two large-capacity IP and IPX Points of Presence (PoP) in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa) aims at enhancing internet and mobile connectivity in the region, reports from Paris (France), where the telecoms giant is based, said. The new facilities are part of the technical infrastructure equipment necessary to […]

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Microsoft, Angola Cables in collaboration to drive digital transformation in Africa

Angola Cables has recently become a Microsoft ExpressRoute partner, a feat it said would meet the needs of Africa-based organisations migrating business applications and IT infrastructures to the cloud, and accelerating digital transformation on the continent. Taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Angola Cables has created ACloud Connect to provide dedicated, high-quality connections […]

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Bitcoin (digital currency): a South African expert enlightens consumers, potential investors (Part 1)

The fear of the unknown seems to have gripped the general public about Bitcoin, the (new) digital currency that has taken the business world by storm and appears to redefine the financial stage. In the face of this ‘currencyphobia’ and unbearable lack of information, Sifa News speaks to Shireen Ramjoo, a South African-born expert, who […]

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Globalisation generating discontent and populism, calls mounting for social reforms

While globalisation has raised levels of prosperity, the distribution of this new wealth remains largely unequal, Clement Chinaka, MD of Old Mutual Corporate, said last week, adding that the mounting imbalance in wealth and power was increasingly frustrating voiceless ordinary citizens. This, he said, was opening the door for populist political and economic rhetoric that […]

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How to keep your finances in order in ‘hard times’ like these

Tighten your savings belts and ensure that your finances are in order, Ester Ochse, advisory product specialist for First National Bank (FNB) has advised South African consumers. The advice comes at a time when the country’s 2017 Mid-Term Budget Policy (MTBP) has projected a weaker growth outlook which analysts believe reflect a continued deterioration in […]

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Anti-globalisation moves: South Africa retirees to pay heavy price

As the rope appears to be tightening around globalisation’s neck, Clement Chinaka, MD of Old Mutual Corporate, warns against the dangers of a potential globalised world, and its negative effects on countries such as South Africa. Chinaka, who believes that anti-globalisation sentiments would further halt global economic growth, said: “Without strong global economic growth to […]

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Is globalisation breeding social inequality?

Globalisation has been a major source of economic growth for decades, especially in a country like China, which has powered the most rapid growth for large economies the world has ever seen on a sustained basis,” US economist Jeffrey Sachs said. “The results, however, are not uniform across all countries, and within countries the benefits […]

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