Up to you to build your future, South African youth told

Up to you to build your future, South African youth told

While many young people in South Africa flocked to university to get a degree that will probably help them get a good job, an expert said it was up to the individual to shape up his or her future.

“While many can testify that having a qualification opens doors, it is ultimately up to the individual to perform, work hard, possess a strong work ethic and rise above the rest when competing for a job opportunity,” Christo Botes, of Business Partners Limited (BPL), said this week.

Botes added that only ambition and commitment from an individual were crucial in order to successfully build a better future

This comes as South Africa prepares to celebrate Youth Day (16 June) amid rising youth unemployment and youth’s involvement in violent crime due to despair and hopelessness.

South Africa’s youth unemployment remains a concerning issue, and some opposition politicians have sought to politicise it to score points, blaming the ruling ANC for the country’s youth’s bleak future.

But Botes suggested that the only way to counteract the country’s alarming youth unemployment numbers was to promote entrepreneurship as a desirable career choice among the youth, which when compared to other emerging economies, remains at a low level in South Africa.

Photo: Happymedia.co.za

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