New brand identity for Johannesburg Stock Exchange

New brand identity for Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Africa’s biggest bourse, has recently revealed its new brand, which it said demonstrates its identity as a modern African marketplace that connects investors to growth opportunities globally, according to reports from South Africa.

The revitalised brand follows on from an extensive brand audit where clients, employees and other stakeholders discussed their perception of the exchange and where the exchange needed to focus its energies, Zeona Jacobs, JSE director of Issuer and Investor Relations, said in a statement.

The JSE’s logo and colour palette moves to a bold black, white and green combination while the typography takes on a clean, digital feel.

“At the JSE we’ve been doing some serious thinking about our positioning in South Africa and the world. Our visual identity needed to represent our position as a leading African exchange which is driven for stakeholder growth and showcase the strong technology component of the business. It also needed to be more accessible to investors,” Jacobs explained.

Reports also said that the JSE has partnered with Interbrand de Villiers on this rebranding project.

“Partnering with the JSE on a project as complex and high profile as this was a huge challenge and privilege,” Jeremy Sampson, group executive chairman of Interbrand Sampson de Villiers, said.

“All organisations need to work very hard to stay relevant, be totally in tune with all stakeholders, plan for the future, ensure they look good at all times whilst continuously coordinating all touch points.

“To survive and prosper building and maintaining a strong brand is not an option, rather a business imperative.”

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