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Bitcoin’s market cap reaches US$166 billion

Market cap for Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, has reached over US$166 billion, soaring to new heights and still holding the lion share of the crypto-currency space, figures released this week by the Johannesburg-based Liquid Crypto-Money show.

“As crypto-currencies become more popular, more people are starting to buy into them. Another interesting aspect is that Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto-currency, and yet has been the highest currency in the world for the fourth consecutive year.

That says that people are looking for alternatives,” Liquid Crypto-Money founder Shireen Ramjoo said.
As new predictions start taking fruition, and more countries starting to look more deeply into the crypto-currency space – a US$300 million industry – it is evident that we will see more development over the next few years as the crypto landscape evolves, Ramjoo added.


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