Aids killed 10 074 people in Ghana in 2013, infected 7 812

Aids killed 10 074 people in Ghana in 2013, infected 7 812

Aids has claimed a total of 10 074 lives in Ghana in 2013, according to a national HIV/Aids report published recently.

There were 7 812 new HIV infections and 184 168 children were orphaned as a result of Aids-related deaths, according to the 2013 National HIV Prevalence and AIDS Estimates and the HIV Sentinel Survey (HSS).

The report also said that Ghana’s HIV/Aids prevalence rate has dropped from 1.37% in 2012 to 1.30% in 2013, reducing the number of people living with the virus from 235 982 in 2012 to 224 488 in 2013.

At least 34 557 out of this number are said to be children, the report said. Ghana has a total population of 25.million.

Child prostitution is one of the biggest challenges facing this West African nation, as poverty and homelessness bite hard and the cost of life rises day by day.

“Yes, I ask all my customers to wear a condom because I’m afraid of Aids. But if some rich man wants to give me a lot of money and expensive gifts, I don’t care anymore,” a 15-year-old girl prostitute told Moon of the South in the capital Accra.

The Greater Accra region, alongside Ashanti and Western regions, are the hardest-hit by HIV/Aids, the report said.

Ghana’s First Lady, Lordina Mahama, has since last year agreed become UNAIDS ambassador for the implementation of the Global Plan; which works towards eliminating new HIV infections among children by 2015, and keeping their mothers alive.

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