Afrocartography, South African play, pays tribute to African migrant

Afrocartography, South African play, pays tribute to African migrant

In celebration of its 30 years of its existence, South Africa’s Wits Theatre and the Wits Repertory Company, based at the University of Johannesburg, bring a special interdisciplinary performance piece to the stage. Afrocartography: Traces of Places and all points in between.

The play explores a way of being in the Afropolitan-style world at Wits Main Theatre from 16 to 27 July 2013 in Johannesburg.

What does it truly mean to be without our sense of identity and how do we build a sense of belonging? Afrocartography: Traces of places and all points in between presents this through the prevalent themes of migration on the African continent and the sense of displacement on a physical, psychological and emotional level.

Afrocartography is written and co-directed by Mwenya B. Kabwe, co-directed by Khayelihle Dom Gumede, choreographed by Liya Gonga and features a talented ensemble cast. Khutjo Green is the assistant director and Lieketso Wa Thaluki is the vocal coach.

This visually captivating work is presented as a choreopoem and set in a timeless and surreal dreamscape, which is all at once poetic and evocative.  It speaks to the audience’s imagination using heightened text, stylised movement and striking vocal language.

The characters in the piece are aptly named Traveller, Mapmaker, Afropolitan and Afrosettler, who will invite us on a journey through this in-between realm of existence where dreaming, waking, memory and imagination overlap.

As the audience, we will follow a narrative, which takes us on new paths and engrained routes, while conjuring up the magic of mythic and metaphoric worlds full of hope, contradiction, baggage, hurt, mystery and curiosity.

We will experience fantastical otherworld places through the eyes of the Traveller, who is guided from one journey to the next, all the while meeting characters from history and from next door.

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Photo: The cast of Afrocartography

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