Africa's prominent businesswoman relocates to South Africa

Africa’s prominent businesswoman relocates to South Africa

Beatrice Achaleke, one of the most influential black women in Europe and author of “Follow me to Africa – in an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela”, has relocated to South Africa to set up a partnership model with local entrepreneurs.

The mother of two and owner of Globuntu business model has left Vienna, the Austria capital, for Johannesburg on a mission to create a future where African Entrepreneurship could get access to global markets.

Achaleke, who has lived and worked for two decades in Europe, Beatrice Achaleke, is a multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur, an innovator an accomplished writer.

Achaleke has returned to Africa where she intends to use her over 20 years of global experiences, expertise and lessons learned which she hs branded the

Globuntu business model to shift the old paradigm and present Africa as the continent that holds the future.

“This is the perfect time for smart Africans to claim ownership and champion this positive revolution the continent is currently experiencing,” she said.

Coming back with Globuntu and partnering with African businesses like the Africans for Africa Network, JT Communications Solutions, and #ECAfrica, the SA Ubuntu Foundation and Harem Clothing amongst other businesses to defy the status quo.

“It is my very humble way of giving back to the continent that gave me life,” Achaleke said.

Reports also said that the African entrepreneur icon has, through her carefully crafted journey, empowered South African entrepreneur Vanessa Perumal with a R1million (about US$90 000) real estate deal through this partnership.

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