Africa’s long-serving presidents, dictators and media predators

Africa’s long-serving presidents, dictators and media predators

Moon of the South has compiled a list of Africa’s long-serving head of states and dictators, who also have the tag of media predators marked on their faces.

This list constitutes a valuable tool of education and information, especially to non-African readers, whose lack of understanding of the continent’s geo-political situation has been further clouded by Western media’s ‘irresponsible’ and ‘unethical’ reporting of the continent.

Many leaders on this list are or were ‘puppets’ of the West – especially the US, UK and France –countries that have imposed them against the will of the people, and continue to support them in exchange for shady economic deals.

Many legal experts believe that several leaders on this list are International Criminal Court (ICC) material because they have ordered or overseen the killing of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, opposition politicians, human rights activists, critical journalists, independent commentators and ordinary innocent people – men and women they described as ‘enemies of the state’ and threats to their dictatorial regimes.

They are also keeping many of them in jails, in appalling conditions and have been pursuing them on trumpeted charges.

These guys have stolen and continue to swindle state money, stashing most of it in Swiss banks and other undisclosed locations across the world, used some to buy mansions and expensive cars and stuff all over the world, rig elections and pay for extra-protection and private milices.

Due to these guys’ nepotism, greed, dubious and unfair policies, bad governance and reckless leadership, their natural resources-rich countries have been reduced to zero, plundered by China, the West and other fictitious companies.

Consequently, their people are today among the poorest in the world, and therefore have chosen the option of exile to seek social relief (good food and lot of it, adequate education, healthcare, sanitation and housing), peace, and freedom of expression.

Many of these guys continue to use the Constitution as a stamping ground and dance platform to overstay in power, scratching it whenever they deem fit to seek a third, fourth and why not a fifth, sixth or seventh term in office.

Moon of the South understands the risks and danger involved in compiling such a list, but when journalism duty calls and independent and critical reporting appears to be the only way of building a truly democratic and free society, the drive to expose these ‘thieves’ and ‘witches’ overwhelms the risks and danger.

Advienne que pourra!

Here they are:

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe,
Edouardo dos Santos, Angola
King Mswati III, Swaziland
Yoweri Museveni, Uganda
Denis Sassou Nguesso, Congo-Brazzaville
Paul Biya, Cameroon
Idriss Deby, Chad
Ali Bongo, Gabon (son of the late dictator Omar Bongo)
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea
Boni Yayi, Benin (reportedly seeking a third term)
Yahya Jammeh, Gambia
Alpha Conde, Guinea Conakry
Blaise Compaoré, Burkina Faso
Faure Gnassingbé, Togo (son of the late dictator Eyadema)
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan (wanted by the ICC)
General Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi and his cohort of military leaders, Egypt
Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea
Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti
Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopian Prime Minister who replaced the late dictator Meles Zenawi
Andry Rajoelina, Madagascar (transitional)
Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria

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