Know Africa - our land, our people

Know Africa – our land, our people

Moon of the South will start publishing a series of pieces meant at fostering the knowledge of the African continent, including its people, culture, as well as its rich natural resources to fellow Africans and its worldwide readers.

It is understandable for non-Africans, especially Europeans and Americans, to describe Africa as a single country, not an amalgam of 54 state members of African Union and the United Nations (UN).

Why? Because their media have long portrayed Africa in a very negative way, while their leaders and companies were only interested in looting the continent, but not in striving to teach their people some basic lessons about Africa.

However, it is a tragedy when some African folks say, for instance, that Ivory Coast is located in Oceania (next to Australia) and its capital city is Montevideo.

What one fails to understand is that even fellow African journalists and editors, including the so-called award-winners, lack the basic knowledge of the African continent, and this has resulted to major blunders in their reporting about Africa.

We have seen countless times how Africa’s TV and radio news networks reporting that a particular event took place in Congo-Brazzaville, while it has in fact happened in the DR Congo. Surely ignorance is not bliss!

We have also seen many times how Western news agencies, which sell their stories to major newspapers, radio and TV networks worldwide, reporting that Cameroon and Gabon are West African nations.

This is why: their reporters, local and foreign, are dumb and dumber, more than the actors who played these roles in the real Hollywood movie. And they brag about graduating from the best universities in the world! And guess what they will be the award-winners of some fancy competition the same year.

And lastly, it is even disheartening for Africa’s men and women, MBA and multi-degree holders not to understand a thing about Africa.  One of them said one day that Togo is located in North Africa, next to Ethiopia. What the hell is that!

Moon of the South has been deeply troubled and afflicted by these terrible shortcomings, and  decided to start some sort of a ‘campaign’ to make fellow Africans and the world over know a bit more about the rich but impoverished land everyone out there desperately wants to loot.

Carpe Diem!

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