Africa: do you know this continent? No, you don’t

Africa: do you know this continent? No, you don’t

Africa is a continent of about 1.1 billion people, over 2 000 ethnic groups and an ensemble of 54 independent countries, all members of the African Union and the United Nations.

South Sudan, which is currently in the middle of an intense armed conflict,  was the last-born of Africa, having been ‘freed’ by Sudan in 2011.

There are about 2011 languages being spoken in Africa, including the languages of the colonial powers, which are English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Africa is divided into different parts, West Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Each part of the continent comprises a number of countries, and has its own particularities, which the other part perhaps does not have.

At least 42 rivers (fleuves) flow in this freshwater resources-rich continent, but this article will only focus on the first 21, believed to be the longest on the continent.

Here they are:

Nile (6 700 km, the longest)
Congo (4 700 km)
Niger (4184 km)
Zambezi (2 750 km)
Orange (1 860 km)
Senegal (1 790 km)
Okavango (1 600 km)
Limpopo (1 600 km)
Jubba (1580 km)
Volta (1 346 km)
Tana (1 346 km)
Gambia (1 130 km)
Draâ (1 100 km)
Bandama (1 050 km)
Sanaga (918 km)
Douro (897 km)
Ogooué (893 km)
Comoé (813 km)
Ruvuma (800 km)
Sassandra (650 km), and
Nyong (640 km)

To be continued…

Photo: Overloaded make-shift boats in DRC capital Kinshasa prepare to sail into the Congo River. Credit: @Africa Focus, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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