700 new vehicles for Dakar public transport

700 new vehicles for Dakar public transport

Public transport in the Senegalese capital Dakar will soon be injected with 700 new vehicles to replace the old, unroadworthy equipment in the aim of regenerating the system, DG of Executive Council of Metropolitan Transports of Dakar Alioune Thiam announced yesterday.

The renewal is an ongoing process, Thiam said, adding that the government’s aim was to remove all unroadworthy vehicles from the country’s public transport system.

The process will also be extended to other cities, including Kaolack, Touba, Thies, Saint-Louis, Tambacounda and Louga, he said.

At least 937 vehicules have been removed from Dakar’s traffic and replaced by new ones since 2005, according to official figures.

Senegal has one of the cheapest public transport fares on the continent, but most vehicles operating in its system are in a deteriorating state, with many lacking adequate brakes, lights, indicators, windscreens, among others. Car unroadworthiness, reckless driving and inadequate road infrastructure (potholes, lack of street lighting) are the main reasons of multiples traffic accidents in Senegal.

Out of 73 000 vehicles tested for roadworthiness since June 2011 in Senegal, at least 16 000 have been found wanting, with brakes and lights emerging as the main problems. There are over 356 000 vehicles in Senegal, 226 000 of these in Dakar alone.

*Photo by Fatuma Camara  Senegal’s public transport vehicles is infested with unroadworhthy vehicles and reckelss driving.

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