60 dead, 450 injured as Egypt burns while US, UK rejoice

60 dead, 450 injured as Egypt burns while US, UK rejoice

The US and its die-hard ally UK, as well the rest of the European Union, might be in seventh heaven as the man they supported hypocritically, Islamist Mohamed Morsi, is now behind bars and out of the presidency.

The consequences of such an undemocratic move by the West are horrific as the Egyptian army, which receives more than US1-billion in aid annually from the US, have been firing randomly at its own people to put down the fierce resistance put up so far by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Many political analysts say the army has staged a coup d’etat, while the US, UK and EU say it was the ‘second People’s Revolution’, and have called for calm.

They have rejoiced that their man, Mohamed ElBaradei, is finally well-positioned to lead Egypt.
ElBaradei is an Egyptian law scholar and was the director general of the UN and US-controlled International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 1997 to 2009.

Both Iran and Hamas have voiced their concerns at what they called ‘massacre of the Muslim Brotherhood’. Soldiers shot dead Morsi supporters outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo, and released a video reportedly showing men provoking anad shooting at the army.

Sky News described the video as fake and doctored.

Egypt, which has been used for many decades as a stamping ground by the West to protect their own interests in the region, is once again burning while the US and its acolytes are laughing secretly.

In a column published on Sunday in the Observer newspaper, former UK PM Tony Blair said the military had been confronted with the choice of intervention or chaos, and insisted it is in the international community’s best interest to engage with Egypt’s new government, Associated Press  repoted.

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for an uprising in the country and asked the international community to stop the massacres in the aftermath of last week’s military coup, Al Jazeera reported on Monday.

The offices of Al Jazeera in Cairo were last week raided by soldiers and news staff taken away. The army have banned all private media until further notice, but the West has not said anything about  it.

When and how will this end?

Only time will tell.

Photo courtesy of Euro News

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