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Migration growing, unstoppable and relevant: expert

Migration is certain to continue growing as people set out to pursue their dreams of a better life, better career opportunities, a safer environment and world-class education and opportunities for their children, a US-based expert said recently. Dianne Stewart, founder and president of Pathway USA, said with this growth come the complexities and challenges that […]

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Is the world close to ending rural hunger?

As humanity commemorated World Food Day on 16 October 2017, 800 million people remained chronically hungry across many parts of the planet, where food production is believed to be all-time high. To honour this occasion, the Brookings published an update on the progress in ending the rural component of global hunger to see if there […]

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Destigmatise mental illness in the workplace: expert

Employers need to take proactive steps destigmatise mental illness in the workplace and help everyone in their employ to identify early signs of mental illness, a South Africa-based expert said, as the country commemorates Mental Illness Awareness Month. Urvashi Ramjee, head of claims management at Old Mutual Group Assurance, said: “A simple email campaign can […]

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