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A group of young modern businesswoman of different ethnicity and backgrounds, isolated on white. The background is blurred

South Africa’s youth have poor saving culture: Old Mutual

The 2015 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor, which surveyed South Africa’s employed, metropolitan individuals between 18 and 23 years (Z-Generation) on what they were saving for, revealed that the majority of respondents (84%) cited electronics, followed by home appliances and furniture (both 63%). When asked what retirement savings vehicle they were using, only 34% […]

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Africa economy set to grow, attract FDI despite uncertainty

Despite a multitude of challenges, many of which are cyclical, Africa’s prospects remain positive and business leaders have the opportunity to pursue new business opportunities on the continent, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) Africa report. This could happen particularly in the light of rapid innovative and technological advances that have the potential to transform and […]

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Youth entrepreneurship declines in South Africa

Youth entrepreneurship has considerably declined in South Africa, decreasing from 543 000 youth entrepreneurs in 2014 from 609 000 five years earlier, according to a recently report titled Social Profile of Youth 2009-2014. To reverse this trend, experts have urged the youth in Africa’s second-largest economy to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge […]

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