135 million USD of China for Malawi’s e-government projects

135 million USD of China for Malawi’s e-government projects

LILONGWE, MALAWI. The sector of information and technology communications (ICT) in Malawi is set to receive a boost from China to the tune of 135 million USD, the Office of the President in this Southern African nation said this week.

Grace Hiwa, deputy director in the e-Government department, said the amount will help implement several projects, including a data centre, provision of e-services such as e-immigration, e-national registration and identification system, sharing geographic information system and an electronic document management system.

Others e-government components to be established include e-Learning platform for the public sector, enhanced electronic communication systems, electronic marketing systems and electronic security systems, among others.

The projects are expected to be implemented within a period of about four to five years, and will include the expansion of connectivity to 29 districts across the country, Hiwa said.

“The department is currently connecting government offices based in the cities of Blantyre and Mzuzu to the government network,” she said. Hiwa.

While most e-governments networks in Africa do not function properly due to lack of funding, technology and expertise, other countries have yet to kick off theirs, and seem careless about this important digital development.

If the projects go ahead as planned, it will be a milestone development and a huge step in the right direction for Malawi’s digital revolution.

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