11.7 million USD budget for ‘wasteful’ Pan-African Parliament in 2014

11.7 million USD budget for ‘wasteful’ Pan-African Parliament in 2014

The South Africa-based Pan-African Parliament (PAP) will have 11.685 million USD (about R106.7 million) to splash in 2014, 2.7 million USD of which is allocated to administrative costs and 8.9 million USD for its operational costs.

The announcement, which was made on Friday, comes at the time when PAP prepares to enter a decisive stage of its nearly 10-year of existence that will see the ‘toothless’ African Union-controlled institution be granted full legislative powers, to be able to ‘effectively deal’ with various challenges facing the continent.

PAP spokesperson Khalid Dahab said in a statement that the 2014 budget covers the holding of two Ordinary Sessions for a maximum duration of 10 working days each and two meetings of the bureau.The budget will also cover the holding of two joint meetings of the Bureau and Bureaus of Committees and the holding of two sitting of Committees, all coinciding with the Ordinary Sessions, he added.

“The 2014 budget seeks to achieve the key priorities, which include the effective implementation of policies and objectives of the AU, the implementation of the Principles of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, the promotion of good governance, respect for law, transparency and accountability, and the promoting of peace, security and stability in Africa,” Dahab said.

However, it remains unclear how PAP will manage to implement such challenging priorities with such a modest budget, and whether it will have the free reins to impose its will on several ‘outlaw’ African governments which continue to overlook key issues such as respect for human rights, transparency, good governance, media freedom and accountability.

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