1 000 entrepreneurs from Africa, Middle East head to Johannesburg for Sage Summit Tour

The Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg has been earmarked to welcome more than 1 000 entrepreneurs from around Africa and the Middle East who will convene on 7-9 March 2017 for the Sage Summit Tour.

The entrepreneurs will learn about new technologies, digital transformation and the future of work, the organisers said.

The Sage Summit Tour was traditionally an annual event held in the United States, but Sage said it was this year bringing its personalised and interactive experience to cities and business builders around the world.

Keynote speakers at this event include Sage CEO Stephen Kelly , Google South Africa country director Luke McKend and Dr Cheick Diarra, an astrophysicist, businessman and politician from Mali (West Africa).

Sage is expected to unveil new products, with Kelly using his keynote speech to announce new tools, technologies and partnerships, and also share insights about how entrepreneurs can energise the success of their businesses.

Kelly is also set to unveil Sage’s plans to use the Sage Foundation Enterprise Fund to change the lives of young people, women and military veterans around the region.

Photo: The pulsating Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Credit: Africa MBA

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